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On a bike through Lofoten Islands, Norway

Well-matured clutch of pictures relating to a summer trip across Lofoten archipelago in August 2016. Expect craggy horizons, enticing but very cold waters and amazing fish heads

Lofoten Islands
recycled colours

You gotta laugh...

I normally photograph landscapes which don't tend to involve humour. But over so many years there were a few dozen images which are more mirth than beauty. Hope you will smile

Rule of thirds (give or take)

A lively bunch of landscape images taken over the last three years in countries whose idea of lunch range from deer meat and berries to full blown barbeque with a gallon of wine. With some coconout and kasha in the middle

Rule of thirds
recycled colours

Recycled colours

Hot, cold, fruit, veg, fresh, rotten, old, new, hard, edible. Italy, Russia, Norway, London, Copenhagen. Such is a fine logic for having this splash of colours, saved for permanence from my limited instagram feed.

New black and whites

A collection of black and white images, none shot as such but arrived to by either pointless fiddling or careful calculation. As the orchid shows you don't need much colour to get things moving.

New Black and White
G10 archives

G10 archives

Most of the pix for the past four years, bar the Icelandic ones, below, were made with my trusty Canon G10. Yup. No fancy SLR and kilos of lenses. The counter on it clicked to almost 8000 images before I traded up to another G model. So out of those 8K - a 50 or so best ones to cheer this wee nice shooter.

Iceland, Interior and North

Coming to you from the luckiest cyclist in the entire first ten days of August. Everyone I met told me they had rain, I didn't! Well, not in the Icelandic sense of the word. Mind, there was wind, but it's still better. So, someone might have gone and got you three decent pictures, I got over fifty.

Portugal South

Landscapes of Almeria and Granada, Spain

Another week spent just pushing pedals, from the sea shore and up the hills through cacti, tomatoes, citrus, almonds and pines. And then down through pines, olives, poplars and finally back to oranges.

Bits and pieces II

Update with the packet of pictures which are lurking in the depths of my laptop, not stringed by any theme rather than my eye pleased with something or another stab at getting world wide wonder from the uncaring audience of online photo challenges. Makes sense?

Bits and pieces
Portugal South

Oaks, agavas and plenty of bricks

More pictures from lovely Portugal, from elegiac Lisbon to oaky plains of Alentejo along with some gracefully (and not) old bits of architecture and inevitable oranges and flowers. Contains melancholy.

Peloponnese up and down

It was October and still very hot. The sea felt good and pillaging grape plantations didn't seem such a crime - too much harvest. That much I remember from almost a year ago. It took me way too long to bring up this little collection from Athens and Central Greece. Need some gentle encouraging :)

Portugal North, Spain

North of Portugal and a bit of Spain

Very uncomplete account of a few days on foot and bike in Porto, Peneda-Geres National Park and across the border in Spain. More question marks than ever. Warm spring, very blue skies and a lot of clean air mixed with some chance oranges.

Islands of Northern Norway

Two weeks of cycling on a chain of islands off Norway's coast have brought a refreshing harvest of views and some muscle ache. Take in the views and email me for directions to the nearest workout of similar beauty.


Morocco: Marrakech and Essaouria

I only visited two cities in this amazing country, so this is a very limited taster. Morocco needs many photographic books to do justice to its colours and passions. Dip your toes in pinks and blues, especially if your spring palette is more of a gray.


Seagulls, minarets, fish sellers, more minaretes and more fish, mosaics and tiles, wonderful dilapidated houses, spice market, domes, Golden Horn and Bosphorus.


Scotland trip 2006

A predictable gathering of hills, sunsets, lakes and light play among rain clouds. Never tire to do this and hope you will never tire to look.

Four seasons

Leaves grow, then fall, then die, then there are no more leaves. Incomplete tour through the colours of nature.

4 seasons

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